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Modern Drummer Contest Rules for Web pag
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MD and Autumn Hill Records present the "Drumology" Drum Contest

Contest Rules:

Drummers: here is your chance to show MD your skills!  Here are the The Modern Drummer Drumology Playalong Contest Rules & Info:

1. Download one of the three play-along tracks below featuring Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, or Rob Silverman.

2. Video yourself drumming along to the playalong track you selected and post your video on the Modern Drummer Facebook Page directly within the top pinned post The Modern Drummer Drumology Playalong Contest. Include a mini bio with your name, country, numbers of years playing, etc.

3. The top four liked contestant videos will advance to the finals round plus each of the four judges will also select one contestant entry to make the finals round for a total of 8 finalists.

4. The finals round will be judged by Dave Weckl, Rob Silverman, Billy Amendola, and David Frangioni. They will score each finalists entry on the scale of 1-10, the contestant with the highest average score wins the Grand Prize, which is a Limited Edition Spinelli Floating Snare!       

5. The seven runner-ups will also get a special prize pack from Drumology.

6. The Grand Prize winner's video will also be featured on Modern Drummer's social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and will be featured on a news story on!

7. The Modern Drummer Drumology Drum Contest video submission deadline is Feb 28th, 2021 at 11:59pm.

8. Voting (likes on Video entries) will end March 10th, 2021 at 11:59pm.

9. The Judging Date for the 8 finalists will happen in March 2021 on a date TBD.

What are you waiting for? Check out the reference tracks below, choose your playalong track and work on your entry!  Good luck to all participants in the Modern Drummer Drumology Playalong Contest!

country:Italy/age: 16

Download and Choose your Playalong Tracks and Reference Tracks Here:

Brave New World reference
Brave New World you play

"Brave New World" -reference Track with Rob Silverman and Simon Phillips

"Brave New World" -You Play Along with Simon Phillips

Waverunners MD Playalong contest referen
Waverunners MD Playalong contest you pla

"Waverunners" -reference Track with Rob Silverman and Dave Weckl

"Waverunners" -You Play Along with Dave Weckl

Crystal Planet refererence
Crystal Planet you play

"Crystal Planet" -reference Track with Todd Sucherman and Rob Silverman

"Crystal Planet" -You Play Along with Rob Silverman

Modern Drummer Contest Rules for Web pag
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